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Simulation performed by convolving a high resolution image from David Walker's blog at Microscopy UK with a conventional PSF (left) and an RSI PSF (right). Noise effects not included.

Our first product is a development Rotational-Shear Interferometer (RSI), named RoSI Dev-A, intended for early lead users.

RSIs are known for:

RSIs can be used with microscope, camera, and telescope applications.


Lightsheet microscopy and microdissection are the target markets into which we first sought to incorporate RSIs. Accordingly we filed these patent applications:

Unfortunately, further market research and analysis led us to abandon all three applications. Interviews with potential customers indicated that, for these markets, the advantages listed above that RSIs bring over conventional imagers do not sufficiently outweigh the concomitant drawbacks. Among these drawbacks are a narrow spectral bandwidth, narrow field-of-view, greater susceptibility to Poisson noise, and greater instrument complexity.

Nonetheless, we feel RSIs are very attractive for specialized applications. The extremely fundamental up-to-factor-of-two advantage for lateral spatial resolution makes RSIs compelling for telescope and long-distance camera applications in which the goal is to image a bright scene that spans only a narrow field-of-view and sharper lateral spatial resolution is desired even though the instrument's aperture is as large as design/cost/other constraints allow.